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Daniel E. Brick

As a deacon and an attorney, Dan Brick ’65 gets to indulge his interests while serving as a member of the Spirituality and Service and Internal Affairs committees of the Notre Dame Alumni Association’s Board of Directors.

“The lawyer in me likes to see what the rules and regs are,” he said.

It also helps when your father was a president of the Notre Dame club of Buffalo.

“He was a Notre Dame fanatic,” Brick said. “I am just as bad.”

Brick is the director for Region 18, which includes Northern New York and Toronto, where he is trying to help resurrect a club. Active in local charities — “I’ve never learned to say, ‘No’” — he has enjoyed watching the Alumni Association transition from the leadership of Chuck Lennon ’61, ’62 M.A. to Dolly Duffy ’84.

“You would have to call it seamless,” he said.

And the enduring mission of Notre Dame is what makes the place special, Brick said, from the service work in Haiti to the annual Bengal Bouts. No matter the strength of the individuals in charge, no one is bigger than the University’s ideals or merely focused on keeping the status quo.

“It’s Notre Dame. We are all part of it, and that’s why it lasted,” he said. “We are all working to make it better for the next person.”

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